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This paper investigates the effects of wealth taxes on wealth accumulation, combining administrative data on wealth data Denmark and a theoretical life-cycle model of wealth accumulation.
Stone Econ Research
Over the last decade, socio-economic mobility has declined and the shares in employment of low- and high-paying occupations has increased. This work investigates if job polarization has been a cause of the decline in mobility in the UK.
Stone Econ Research
This paper is about an understudied, yet important, aspect of social mobility – absolute mobility, which measures the share of children with higher incomes compared to their parents around the same age.
Stone Econ Research
The number of international students in American universities more than doubled in the last decade. These students disproportionately attend colleges in small urban economies, where local housing markets largely depend on student demand. This study estimates the impact of international students on home prices, rents, and residential construction.
Stone Econ Research
One of the most enduring political economy puzzles of the past 40 years in the United States is why so many ordinary Americans support tax cuts for the rich. This paper aims to unpack this puzzle by providing new experimental evidence on what drives Americans’ preferences for cutting the top rate of federal income tax.
Stone Econ Research
This paper introduces a novel lens through which we can view and understand the world, which is compositional inequality. Compositional inequality describes differences between rich and poor in terms of the labour share and capital share of their income.
Stone Econ Research
This paper asks what are the gaps in exposure between racial groups, and how have they evolved over time. It shows that the gap between the non-Hispanic white population and African Americans is narrowing over time, and investigates what is the specific contribution of the Clean Air Acts.‍
Stone Econ Research
This paper investigates how individuals weight income gaps between themselves and others in particular positions in a societal income distribution. This is crucial to understand how individuals form their fairness considerations and preferences for redistribution, as we know that people care about inequality both in absolute and in relative terms.
Stone Econ Research
This paper examines how tax incentives lower effective tax rates and how they vary with firm size. This is important because tax incentives generate a government revenue loss, can distort firms’ production, and may exacerbate inequality. We also use our estimates of effective tax rates to assess the potential impact of a Global Minimum Tax.
Stone Econ Research
How has cross-border integration affected the relative taxation of labour and capital historically and globally? And which countries have been most affected by the erosion of effective capital taxation, and why? Answering these questions is critical to shed light on the macroeconomic effects and long-run social sustainability of globalisation.
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