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The Stone Centre awards prize for undergraduate research on inequality to Gaurav Khatri

The Stone Centre awarded its first ExploreEcon prize for undergraduate research on inequality. This will be an annual prize awarded as part of the ExploreEcon Conference. The conference "showcases the outstanding independent research of UCL BSc Economics students, much of it from outside the standard curriculum. The conference also encourages students to showcase their research in an accessible and creative way, giving presentations, submitting posters and videos." This year we awarded the prize to Gaurav Khatri for his paper on The Effects of Rohingya Refugees from Myanmar on Low-Skilled Wages in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.

Click here to view a five-minute presentation of Gaurev's research.

The Stone Team congratulates Gaurev on this excellent piece of work. We look forward to using this prize and other initiatives to encourage and support next generation economists working on income and wealth inequality.

Gaurav Khatri (left) being handed his certificate of awarded by Stone Centre Manager Jay Kubler (right).


Stone Centre

Stone Centre at UCL.

Stone Centre

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