Blame Capitalism: Souring on the system

September 18, 2023

Vox’s new podcast series Blame Capitalism: Souring on the system investigates how younger Americans came to blame capitalism for almost anything. Wendy Carlin joined host Noel King on the series’ first episode, which aired on 8 September 2023.

Wendy recalled how powerless she felt when, back in 2008, her economics students asked her to explain why the crisis had happened.

They felt embarrassed when they went home and the family asked them to explain the crisis. And like many, many other economics professors around the world, I was pretty hopeless at giving them a good answer.

That’s how CORE Econ’s The Economy came about, to give students a textbook that, in Noel’s words, ‘kept up with the real world’. Besides an expanded definition of capitalism, they were given the necessary tools to understand what was happening around them. And they could also understand both the extraordinary and the unsettling results of capitalism.