Transaction data from Fable Data, now piloting

July 14, 2023

Apply for data from Fable Data

Fable Data partners with banks across Europe to acquire anonymised real-time transaction data. They then aggregate and structure this data and build market-leading data products that provide a first read on the European economy. Fable Data owns the most comprehensive anonymised dataset of European real time banking and credit card data - that's millions of consumers and over a billion rows of data.

Part of their work happens on a pro-bono basis, and benefits institutions such as the University of Nottingham, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the IMF, as well as various UK government departments. They have agreed to work on a pro-bono basis with the Stone Centre at UCL as well. Economics PhD students from the Department can apply to Fable Data for data at no charge.

We're now piloting these schemes with two students from the Department of Economics. If successful, we'll open the scheme to the Department's postgraduate and doctoral students.